Karen in Blue Spandex Trousers

Karen in Blue Spandex Trousers

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As part of todays bumper super-model updates, I present Karen in all her beautiful glory. In this update she is wearing a pair of metallic spandex trousers and a matching tight spandex top. She is also wearing a black thong.

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Karen Dreams

Yes, my name is Karen. My older sister named me after one of her best friends growing up. :) What does my tattoo mean? I had my tattoo done when I was 18 and it means "dream". When I started shooting for my site my webmaster saw my tat and seeing how his wife is Chinese, she knew what it meant. and that's how I came up with Karen Dreams :) Fun fact of the day.

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The one and only sexy spandex clothing, shiny and tight! Figure hugging spandex is one of the sexiest clothing types there is, the shinier the better.